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Can I Reuse the Mosie Syringe?

Mosie syringes and all insemination syringes are required by the FDA to be single-use only. Please be aware that any syringe that claims to be able to offer re-use is not following FDA regulations and is unlawfully marketing their syringes at the risk of their users health and well-being.

Further, Mosie, like any syringe, is comprised of moving parts that may become compromised after even a single-use. There is also a risk of infection if not cleaned properly. The rubber stopper specifically (on any syringe) loosens after each use and will eventually become unreliable. The stopper on Mosie (and most syringes) is also very lightly coated with a medically safe lubricant to ensure smooth movement which will likely deteriorate after washing.

You will find that Mosie is not alone here. Most manufacturers discourage regular syringes from being reused multiple times. This is exactly why we include two Mosie syringes in every kit. More tries translates into better odds for conception!

While you are free to attempt to use Mosie syringes more than once at your own risk, we do not recommend it for these reasons and are not liable to any outcomes from multiple uses.