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What is Mosie & How Does it Work?

Hello! We are glad you found us!

Mosie is a syringe designed to transfer sperm to the cervical opening with the goal of achieving conception. The Mosie Kit comes with 2 Mosie syringes, a specimen collection cup, and educational instructions on how best to use Mosie. Essentially, you would "collect" your sample in the cup then use a Mosie syringe to transfer it to your vagina.

Mosie has helped all kinds of people from all walks of life including: couples with unexplained infertility, the LGBTQ community, women suffering from vaginismus, PCOS, endometriosis and tilted uterus, as well as male factor issues like low motility, sperm count, and performance anxiety. Not to mention single mothers by choice (SMC), and frustrated hetero couples that need a break from the stress and want to know they’ve done everything they can before spending big on clinical options. 

Check out our How it Works page to understand how Mosie works and this video about Mosie to understand exactly why Mosie is better than a typical syringe.

Also good to know is that in a recent clinical research study, 28.3% of Mosie Baby users got pregnant, resulting in equal or better than intrauterine insemination (IUI) pregnancy rates - which are around 20% according to the American Pregnancy Association. The overall rate of pregnancy for people using Mosie with no known fertility issues was 34.7% and 22% for people with known fertility issues. 98% of users found Mosie comfortable and easy to use and 99% said it was safe to use.

From a user experience, Mosie is ideal for removing potential obstacles that certain couples may have. Bottom line is that the sperm should safely arrive at or near the cervical opening with Mosie. From there it’s up to mother nature, but remember it only takes one!

Often times people find themselves facing IUI/IVF and we think Mosie's a good option for many (not all) to try before going through those costly procedures. We were one of those couples (Unexplained Infertility) and that’s what led us down our path to create Mosie. Aside from that, several women and couples conceive with Mosie after failed IUI/IVF attempts and you can read a few of their stories in the Mosie Stories section.

It may be that being able to use Mosie in the comfort of your home and on your own terms is a stress reliever when it comes to conception. And for many it's also a stress reliever to try something a little less expensive than IUI or IVF. So whether or not you have something Mosie may help with or just need a break, this variable tends to be helpful for Mosie users.

If you're unsure if Mosie is right for you, be sure to check in with your doctor before purchasing. 

Hope this provides a little insight and feel free to reach out to us at if additional questions come up. We are truly wishing you the best!