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Will Mosie Help with Low Sperm Count, or Low Motility?

Based on a recent clinical survey, 22% of people using Mosie with fertility issues were able to conceive via Mosie. Of those who were facing low sperm count, 15% conceived with Mosie. In comparison, research has shown that couples dealing with low sperm have about a 17% success rate through IUI. Success can depend on a lot of factors too, like if any prescriptions are being used and age.

However, although Mosie is by no means a “cure” for sperm issues, it could potentially help increase your odds with what you have to work with according to Fertility Specialist Marc Sklar. You can watch an interview with co-founder Maureen and a review of our product by him here

First off, it’s an ideal size for dropping a sperm sample off at the cervical opening of most women. Men's ejaculation itself can fluctuate and this coupled with the position of the cervical opening in women, which can also vary…means that many couples may simply be “missing” due to physical make-up.

Bottom line is that the sperm should safely arrive at or near the cervical opening with Mosie. From there it’s up to mother nature, but remember it only takes one!

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We are rooting for you to find your sweet baby whether it be with Mosie or another option. If you're unsure if Mosie is right for you, be sure to check in with your doctor too. And always feel free to email us directly if we can help answer any further questions at