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Dr. Patti Haebe's Honest Review of the Mosie Baby Insemination Kit

  • 2 min read

Doctor patti haebe holding the mosie kit and syringe

"I can’t say enough good things about Mosie Baby. It is such an empowering tool for the conception process, not only does it allow for schedule variation, which can be taxing during a fertile window, but it also allows for diminished pressure to perform.  I’ve found that couples who have access to Mosie find the conception process less stressful, and it allows them to have more natural intimate encounters. 

This is a revolutionary tool that makes the complex, quite simple. Not only is it lovingly made to mimic a natural sperm expression, it’s rounded edges and thoughtfully designed size are friendly for sensitive female areas and this syringe doesn’t waste a drop of semen! 

I love having Mosie Baby as an affordable resource to offer couples before they move forward with expensive and moderately invasive procedures and always encourage its use, especially when we are concerned about morphology, motility and semen volume. In the world of integrative medicine, I'm all about having extra tools in my tool box when conventional medicine runs out of options, this fits perfectly in my repertoire with fertility patients. 

In addition, I simply adore that Mosie even offers support and resources to their users, they genuinely want each and every user to experience a straightforward conception process. It’s my personal belief that knowledge is power and when people are well informed, outcomes improve. My clients who have become pregnant after using Mosie have received special baby gifts from Mosie to help celebrate their little one. I know that I find ultimate joy in helping couples conceive, Mosie shares the exact same joy!”

Dr. Patti Haebe, N.M.D - @dr.patti_haebe

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