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Legacy At-Home Semen Analysis

The most scientifically advanced at-home semen test.

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Legacy At-Home Semen Analysis

Understand your fertility with a comprehensive semen analysis that tests sperm with the same accuracy as a clinic, but from the comfort of your bedroom. 

Get your sperm test results in less than 48 hours. Most semen analysis reports are built for doctors. Legacy’s is built so anyone can understand it – empowering you with a clear, holistic view of your fertility.  With your results, we include actionable day-to-day changes you can make to improve your fertility. Every sperm testing client has the option to schedule a telehealth appointment* to discuss their results, and their family-building plans, with one of our fertility nurses or physicians. Short and long term sperm storage plans available for all viable samples.

IMPORTANT: To facilitate processing your Legacy order, please provide the date of birth of the person using the Legacy kit in your initial order. Failure to provide the user's date of birth will delay the shipment of your Legacy Kit.
Once they go through onboarding with Legacy, they will be asked to confirm their date of birth and follow instructions provided in Legacy Kit. 

This product is fulfilled by our friends at Legacy. Only available in the continental U.S. and does not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or internationally.

*Fertility consultations have an additional fee and can be purchased after your sample has been analyzed


Clinic-grade sperm analysis; CLIA-certified lab
Data-driven lifestyle recommendations
Results within 48 hours; On call fertility advisor
HSA/FSA reimbursement eligible
Qualifies for free U.S. shipping

What Do We Test For?


How much semen you produce! Semen plays a crucial role in carrying sperm through the reproductive tract. Producing the right amount means giving sperm the best chance at reaching the egg for fertilization.


Total number of sperm in your sample. A healthy sperm count means you’re producing and ejaculating enough sperm. A higher number improves your chances of conception, naturally or via fertility treatments.

A photo of a tear dropper dropping a liquid into a test tube


The ratio between semen and sperm. Sperm concentration is the number of sperm per milliliter of semen. This number helps us compare your sample to others.


How many of your sperm are moving? Motility is the percentage of your sperm that are moving properly; in order to fertilize an egg, your sperm must be “swimming.” Many at-home sperm count tests don’t include this essential metric, one of the most important factors in your fertility.


How many of your sperm are the proper size and shape? A sperm’s structure affects its ability to reach and fertilize an egg. Morphology is the percentage of sperm that are normally shaped; abnormalities may indicate poor sperm development or genetic issues. Fun fact: most sperm are abnormally shaped. Morphology as low as 4–14% is totally normal.


We freeze and thaw a small portion of your sample to assess if it’s a good candidate for cryopreservation (sperm freezing).

America’s #1 At-Home Fertility Clinic for People with Sperm

Legacy test and freezes more sperm than any other clinic in the United States. The semen analysis kit has been clinically validated, meaning that researchers have found that the results are comparable to the results of a conventional, in-clinic semen analysis. Legacy sperm testing is conducted in CLIA-certified labs by a team of highly-trained scientists, specialized in fertility and all results are reviewed by our medical staff.

Legacy offers more advanced male fertility testing options than any other at-home kit and many conventional clinics. In addition to testing volume, concentration, motility, motile sperm count, and morphology, our semen analysis includes a post-thaw analysis (a quick freeze-and-thaw of a small percentage of your sperm) to ensure your sample is viable for freezing.

Join over 20,000 customers who trust Legacy to test and freeze their sperm


Who should get a semen analysis?

Sperm is half of the equation when it comes to having kids. But average sperm counts have dropped by over 50% in recent decades, and today, half of all infertility cases involve male factor infertility. Sperm testing gives you the tools you need to understand and optimize your fertility. Legacy lets you do it all from home.

You should do a semen analysis if:

  1. You’re trying or planning to have a baby: If you and your partner, or you and a donor, are trying to conceive or planning to get pregnant, a semen analysis is the first step to rule out male fertility issues. It’s never too soon — we recommend proactive semen analysis. Testing sperm early can help you avoid costly and unnecessary tests or treatments down the line, and can help you get more quickly to your goal of starting a family.
  2. You want to improve your fertility: Sperm takes about 72 days to produce. That means it will take at least 2–3 months for any changes you make to have a measurable impact on your sperm health. We recommend starting with a baseline semen analysis, and then testing every 3 months to see if your healthier lifestyle, surgery, or medication is helping to improve your fertility.
  3. You might want to freeze your sperm: If you’re freezing your sperm for the future, start with a semen analysis to ensure your sperm is healthy and fertile before freezing.
  4. You’ve had a vasectomy or vasectomy reversal:If you have a vasectomy for long-term birth control, you should get a semen analysis around 12 weeks after the procedure, to confirm there’s no sperm left in your semen. If you have surgery to reverse a previous vasectomy, we recommend getting a semen analysis every month for 12 months to ensure your sperm quality, count, and motility is recovering.
What's included in the Legacy Semen Analysis Kit and report?

The kit includes a sterile sample cup to easily collect your sample from home, The Legacy “vault,” a foam insulating structure to keep a stable temperature and prevent leaking during transportation, The transport media — a vial of pink fluid — to keep sample viable during shipping, A tamper-proof strip to securely seal the shipping box, Free overnight shipping to send your sample to our lab for analysis

Your report will include:

  1. Personalized client dashboard that includes more than just the numbers — it will give you context on what those numbers really mean for you and your family-building plans.
  2. Evidence-based recommendations for improving your fertility health, based on your lifestyle and your personal results.
  3. Exclusive access to book a virtual appointment with one of our male fertility specialist medical providers, to discuss your results and possible next steps.
  4. Downloadable semen analysis summary report to share with your doctor.
How do I use this? What should I expect?

Click here to watch a how-to video!

Here's what you should expect:

  1. Order your kit: your kit will be delivered as soon as possible. Legacy will email you shipping information directly
  2. Receive and open your kit: The kit will contain a sterile sample cup, a vial of transport media, an ice pack, and various packaging materials. Discard the ice pack, but keep everything else.
  3. Use the kit immediately or place the transport media in the fridge. The transport media can be stored in the fridge for up to 14 days. Keep in mind: you should abstain from ejaculating for 2-5 days before using the kit, and you should only return your sample between Monday and Thursday.
  4. Register and prepare your kit: Scan the QR code inside the shipping box with a smartphone camera or visit your dashboard to register your kit. If you refrigerated the transport media, remove it from the fridge and allow it to reach room temperature before producing your sample (~45 minutes).
  5. Produce your sample: Wash your hands and genitals. Produce your sample by ejaculating directly into the sample cup, without using lubricant or saliva. You do not need to fill the cup.Add the transport media to the sample cup and swirl gently to mix. Close the cup.
  6. Package and return your kit: Use the included packaging materials to package your sample in the original shipping box. Return the kit through one of our shipping partners using either at-home pickup or via a participating location.
  7. Receive your report: Your results will be available in your online dashboard within 48 hours of our lab receiving your sample. You can schedule a call with a fertility expert to review your results and receive guidance on next steps.
What do I need to know before purchasing?

Legacy is for people with sperm who want to learn more about their personal health. Legacy tests are exclusively intended to be used for wellness purposes. While the tests Legacy offers provide detailed results, they cannot provide a diagnosis and are not intended to replace the advice of your physician. Legacy cannot provide you with medical advice or diagnose you with any disease or condition. Legacy tests are available in the United States only.

This product is fulfilled by Legacy. You will recieve a seperate shipping confirmation email from them directly.

How do I use my FSA/HSA to purchase this product?

This product is eligible for reimbursement through most FSA & HSA accounts. While you cannot use your FSA or HSA card to purchase products at, all you have to do is order the item you want and submit your receipt to your provider for reimbursement.


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