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Blog /Mamas-to-Be Found Mosie Comfortable and Easy to Use

Mamas-to-Be Found Mosie Comfortable and Easy to Use

We received our Mosie Kit in the mail just in time for my partner's ovulation cycle. This was our first attempt, and we were skeptical of success on the very first try. Mosie came with clear instructions and was very easy to use. My partner was comfortable the entire time. To our huge surprise and overwhelming joy, three weeks later we received the answer to our prayers in the form of a positive pregnancy test. We are glowing with happiness. Mosie was the answer to our prayers. 

- N & S from FL

N&S, Yay! We’re thrilled for you guys on your positive and so happy that Mosie helped out. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with the community and for your kind words regarding your impressions using the kit. Observations from real people sharing their thoughts is invaluable to others navigating their paths to baby. Wishing you a smooth and healthy term and new addition!  - Maureen + Marc