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Facing Challenges Trying for Baby #3, They Changed Things up With Mosie

Facing Challenges Trying for Baby #3, They Changed Things up With Mosie

About 2 years ago, my husband and I started trying for baby number 3! I have PCOS & Hyperprolactinemia...this basically means I have cyst on my ovaries and my lactation hormone is through the roof making pregnancy a huge challenge! Over the Past 2 years I have taken so many medications to control my hormones, weight gain (due to the PCOS), and the PCOS itself. We finally got it down and realized my body was ovulating but NEVER the day it was supposed to!! It was frustrating! Finally, our friends told us about Mosie Baby and it literally changed our lives!! We decided to order the Mose Baby Kit plus an extra week of Ovulation Test to make sure I had enough until my new cycle began! I followed the instructions to the “T”! I tracked my cycle length, began testing on the right day, I tested everyday at the same time, I took photos of the tests to document the darkness of the lines..finally when I got that BFP on the ovulation test, we used our Mosie Kit! We were waiting the 10 days before I chose to test, but on day 8 I was sooooo sick!!! I thought it was the heat from celebrating our daughters 3rd birthday! Then the next day I woke up the same way!! So I decided to test (Day 9)!! Sure enough!! Tears of joy ran down when my BFP popped out at the end of the 3 minute wait!!! The picture below is the box I put together to surprise my husband as an early Father’s Day gift!! Thank you Mosie Baby!! Please don’t give up if you are struggling with infertility! This ICI kit literally changed my life as well as our little family’s!

Did you face any obstacles? PCOS Unexplained Infertility
How long were you trying before Mosie: 2 years

- A & F from Texas

A&F, We’re thrilled to hear your good news! And equally thrilled to know that Mosie was able to help out. You’ve both been through so much trying for two years and with some considerable hurdles. Thanks so much for sharing this amazing journey with the community. We’re sure you journey and advice others will be an inspiration that will make a difference for others facing similar challenges. Wishing you all a healthy term and new addition! - Maureen + Marc