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Blog /12 Years of Heartache Ends Happily Thanks to Family and Mosie!

12 Years of Heartache Ends Happily Thanks to Family and Mosie!

We’d been trying to conceive for 12 years before trying Mosie Baby. I went through multiple rounds of fertility treatment, miscarriages, chemical pregnancies, hyper simulation and multiple IUI attempts. I had PCOS and later found out I also had severe Endometriosis. The pain from PCOS and Endometriosis became unbearable and the loss of every pregnancy took an emotional toll on us all. I could not understand how I could have a healthy daughter 13 years ago and now unable to give her a sibling she so longed for. I eventually had to make the hard decision to have a hysterectomy. The feeling of not being able to ever give my daughter a sibling or my husband a child was overwhelming. I felt so empty. My sister and I were talking one day, and she offered her egg and her body to carry a child for us - she wanted to be our surrogate. It was a huge gift for her to offer, I was not sure if we could take her up on her offer. We have had such a close bond, her son is like my son and my daughter is like her daughter. This child would be super loved and cherished by all. My mother told us to try Mosie Baby and bought it as a gift for us. Guess what ? It worked!!!!! And It worked on the first try!!!!! We are due 11-15-2021 and the entire family has been part of the process and so excited. This child is a true gift from God and my sister. I will never forget the love and support my family has given me. I am so beyond blessed. I cannot wait to share baby pictures.

Did you face any obstacles? Endometriosis, Male Factor, Sperm Issues,
Other, PCOS, Tilted Uterus, Unexplained Infertility
Did you try anything at a doctor's office: Clomid Femara or Letrozole IUI
How many cycles did you use Mosie? 1

- S and J from Tennessee 

S&J, Wow, your story caught us off guard. We all have goosebumps and they’re might be some watery eyes at Mosie HQ! You guys (the whole family) are all amazing to be able to open your hearts to both give and receive such a gift. We’re honored to have played a small part in this story and thrilled that it worked out. Please give your mom a hug for thinking of us! ☺️ Thank you for bringing this story to the community. There are a lot of moving parts, and we know our our community will find hope and lots of inspiration here...and lots of smiles. Wishing you all a healthy term and new addition to the family. We have no doubt this little babe will be surrounded by love! And yes...do send a pic, we’d love to e-meet them when things settle down! - Marc + Maureen


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