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Blog /Challenging 5-Year TTC Journey Ends Happily With Help From Mosie

Challenging 5-Year TTC Journey Ends Happily With Help From Mosie

We have been trying for five years to conceive. After two years we went to the doctors and tried two rounds of IUI. My insurance doesn't cover anything under infertility so it was all out of pocket. We were able to get pregnant naturally two years ago, but it ended in a miscarriage at eight weeks. Devastated we started to look into adoption. We have been in the process for over a year. We did try Mosie, and the second month we became pregnant but had a chemical miscarriage. We tried one more time with Mosie and now are 13 weeks, and all is going well so far!

Did you face any obstacles? Unexplained Infertility
How long were you trying before Mosie: 5 years
Did you try anything at a doctor's office: Clomid, IUI
How many cycles did you use mosie? 3

- M & M from NY

M&M, Warmest congrats on 13 weeks! We’re over-the-moon happy for you both. Five years of TTC and all that goes with it is such a long time. We’re so happy that your journey is ending in a happy place, and we know the love you give your incoming little one will be a reflection of that commitment. We can’t thank you enough for sharing your journey with the Mosie community and providing some hope and inspiration to others that may find themselves in a similar place. Wishing you a smooth and healthy remainder of your term. We’d love to e-meet your little one when the dust settles! - Marc + Maureen

All success stories featured here are from authentic Mosie Families! Individual results may vary. The Mosie Baby Kit does not claim to diagnose or treat diseases and is not intended to treat infertility. Consult your doctor if timed intercourse is not working, or if using the Mosie Baby Kit does not successfully result in a pregnancy within six months of trying.