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Mosie Conception at 40 After Failed IUI!

I am 40 and have been married for almost 10 years. I never expected to conceive, as my husband and I knew we would need some sort of insemination assistance. We both recently lost a fair amount of weight and figured it was now or never. We received reproductive assistance and had our first failed IUI in November. We decided to add Mosie to the mix for our second IUI process so we could have home insemination as an option, too. We used Mosie twice during the second IUI process and it worked! I am so grateful we were able to use this product to help make our dreams come true. We have our first ultrasound on Friday and are both so excited. Thank you!

TB from Ohio

TB, Yaaaay! We’re so very excited that “adding Mosie to the mix” worked for you guys! As a couple that conceived our first child (the inspiration for Mosie) with the help of IUI and our second with Mosie (the first “Mosie baby”, we can relate to your experience. Our sincere thanks to you both for sharing your remarkable journey with the Mosie community. It will certainly impact and inspire like-minded others looking for answers. Wishing you a healthy term and new addition! -Marc + Maureen