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Blog /Success with Surrogate and Mosie after 16 Years of TTC Heartbreak!

Success with Surrogate and Mosie after 16 Years of TTC Heartbreak!

I’m so happy to say that our journey with you began at the beginning of March when my sister offered to be a surrogate for me. After 16 years of trying to conceive heartbreak, I found out I was going to be a mommy on 18th May 2019 & now 9 weeks pregnant! 

Dreams do come true. Myself & my hubby are more than overjoyed and can’t believe how quick it was with the Mosie home insemination kit

Kind Regards & Thank you!

M&P from South Yorkshire, UK

What an amazing story you guys have! Love is love is the first thing that comes to mind. Your sister is amazing as are you all for coming together to bring your little peanut into the world. Sincere thanks for coming forward with this remarkable story. It will surely inspire and provide hope to like-minded others. Wishing you all a safe and healthy term and healthy peanut! -Maureen + Marc


Just want to introduce our miracle and precious gift of life from my sister who was a surrogate for myself and my hubby. 

Say hello to baby “KP”Keoni Paul 💙 conceived with the aid of Mosie Baby syringes 👌🏼. Born 16 days early via Caesarean section on Monday 30th December 2019. I am in love 🥰. 

- M & P from the UK

M&P, We’re in love 😍 too! Thanks so much for sending. We’re thrilled for you all and know this little guy will be surrounded by ❤️.

harry potter themed pregnancy announcement sonogram


Baby in a Mosie Baby onesie sitting on an elephant stuffed animal.


Cute Mosie baby cuddling an elephant stuffed animal