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Blog /Transgender Couple’s Beautiful Journey To Baby!

Transgender Couple’s Beautiful Journey To Baby!

“K” and I first met in October 2011 we were the best of friends for 4 1/2 years. During that time we talked about everything including the fact that we both wanted to have a family someday. When we first met I was still female and I personally didn’t see myself having kids but I love kids. So the way I saw it was, if whoever I ended up with wanted kids then that was good with me. In 2015 I told her that I was transgender, and I wanted to start the process of the transformation. At that time she knew how I felt about her the fact that I wanted to be with her and no one else. She fully supported me. In fact, throughout this whole transition she has been the most supportive person in my life. We started actually dating in March 2016, and when we started dating we knew that eventually we were going to get married. We often discussed having children, and at first we were seriously considering a sperm bank in California. But after doing the research we realized it would cost us most likely tens of thousands of dollars, and there’s no way that we could ever afford that. We then got engaged in October 2016 and were married in May 2018. Then in October 2018 we asked the guy who introduced us (a mutual friend of ours that we had both dated at one point) if he would be our sperm donor. Finally in early January of this year he told us he would do it, and we were going to wait until summer this year to start trying because we wanted to be more financially stable. But after thinking about it we decided we weren’t getting any younger, and people have kids all the time who are not financially ready.

The way we see it you can never be truly prepared in every single way shape and form to have children. So knowing how much my wife wanted to have kids and the fact that she’s known she wanted to be a mom since she was a little kid I decided to order the kit and surprise her with it so soon after our donor agreed to help. We followed instructions to a “T” except for the fact that it says to use both syringes. We took the cup to our friends apartment the night of January 15, and we used one syringe. I told her I had a really good feeling about it, and she told me she wasn’t sure because it’s a low chance of it working the first time especially if we only use one syringe. However with everything we were dealing with we just weren’t able to find the time between our busy lives and our friends busy life to use the second syringe. And approximately a week and a half later she surprised me and told me that we were pregnant!

So we are now expecting our first baby in October. The due date is October 7 which we find ironic because that’s also my wife’s birthday. We are very excited to announce we are having a boy! And what I am also excited about is that she already had several names picked out for boys and girls since she was a kid, but being that she really wanted to stick to what she had already planned her whole life when it came to the pregnancy and giving birth she let me pick the name and I came up with K.A.C. (abbreviated for privacy) which is the first three letters of her name and the last three letters of my name, and the middle name is her dad‘s middle name. We are not doing a traditional labor and delivery we will be doing an at home water birth with midwives, and so far everything is working out fantastic. Her first trimester she was absolutely miserable, barely able to eat, and she lost 17 pounds. But since the second trimester has started she has gained 12 of those pounds back, and at this point she just has the normal pregnancy symptoms. She makes an adorable pregnant woman, and our baby boy is strong and healthy so far, and he is actually measuring a week ahead of time. We are so happy that this company was created because without this kit I don’t see how we would’ve been able to have kids with how expensive it is to get sperm from a sperm bank. So we are extremely grateful and will forever be for this company for making it possible for a couple like us to have kids. We have no doubt in our minds we will make great parents and thanks to this company providing us with this kit we get to enjoy raising kids of our own just like a normal couple.

J & KC from Cedar Rapids, IA

J & K, In our eyes you are an exceptional couple (who needs normal?!). Love is the only thing that really matters after all, and we know that Baby “K” will certainly have that in spades! We can’t thank you enough for sharing your truly amazing journey to where you are today. We know others will be indebted to you as well for coming forward. We look forward to Baby “K”’s safe arrival and hearing more from you soon. - Mo + Marc

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