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Blog /"We are overjoyed, and can’t thank Mosie enough"

"We are overjoyed, and can’t thank Mosie enough"

There were many odds stacked against my husband and I when we knew we wanted to start a family. My husbands pre-existing medical conditions and my own battle with childhood cancer involving rounds of chemotherapy and radiation left me with many health problems later on in life and doctors were uncertain if I would even be able to get pregnant, let alone carry a baby to term. On top of that, I am asexual and sex-repulsed with vaginismus, which made the actual act of trying to conceive a serious physical and mental struggle for me.

Regardless, my husband and I wanted to try to conceive in a way that was comfortable for me. We looked into doctors specializing in artificial insemination or IVF, and along my research I came across Mosie — it seemed like the perfect starting point in our TTC journey, and it was absolutely the right choice. About 4 months after we started with Mosie we got our first big fat positive! Tragically, we ended up losing this first pregnancy a few weeks in but rather than discouraged it left is with hope that starting a family was possible for us.

Not even 3 months later — another positive test result! We were cautiously optimistic, and my pregnancy followed carefully by my doctors who were unsure with my medical history just how long I’d be able to carry. Baby and I crushed every milestone they set for us - 26 weeks, then 28, 32, 35; his growth and development was perfect in his ultrasounds. I on the other hand had the complications, and there were several scares that sent us to the OB ER and had me hospitalized with discussions of taking the baby early.

Finally at 37 weeks, our rainbow baby was delivered via c-section and he is truly our little miracle! We are overjoyed, and can’t thank Mosie enough for what you were able to do for us!

- B&R from Florida

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